Saturday, January 26, 2008

Navarre Beach Shelling

We've had a fabulous week! On Monday, we went to Navarre Beach which has the best shelling I've found. We picked up two bags of really pretty shells...scallops, olives, augers and a few small conchs for just a few. Or is it conch? I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but we'll see. We also found the mall...didn't go...but found it! When you are retired you get excited about a new sweatshirt...nothing "designerish"!
Had to visit the RV place to get a new water filter, but of course, I had to look at new coaches! We looked at a Newmar diesel, but I'm just a Winnebago/Itasca kind of girl. The only way we'll get a new coach is if we win the lottery! So far we've not seen one we like as well as the layout we have. After two months, we're still doing great in a confined space. This is officially now the longest we've stayed in the coach! We've definitely decided we like it better than living at home in Hendersonville! Now we have to decide what to do with the house. Perhaps we'll put it on the market again and just see what happens. We'd love to own something in Florida...just look at that sunset! There was an article about a couple paying $1200 per month for insurance in the Keys! It's not much better here in Destin. Guess that's off the table! We'll just stay with our rolling home!
This week has been a bit the high 50's. We've walked every morning at least two miles. One mile in the park and then one mile on the beach. I'm determined to get in shape for Montana and the altitude and mountains. Not losing any weight, but firming up. We're eating seafood constantly! plus a little key lime pie here and there! We also went to Dewey Destin and had our gumbo and split a fried shrimp dinner.
I worked some this week as well...the editing business is doing great and with the market tanking, it's a good thing! I'm also responding to tons of articles on Hillary Clinton...when there is a place to comment, I do! Look for posts from TranquilityFound or Healthcare for All! That's me. I'd love to be in Nashville working the phones, but instead I work the Internet!
Woody is having a ball...there are tons of boys here to play with...he's actually getting up with me to walk. We agreed to 9:00 plus or minus 30 minutes! So we stay up late and get up around 9:00! Works for us!
Can't wait for the Super Bowl! Go Giants! Have a great week....
Woody and Pat

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