Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow, Hillary, and my friend Jane

Just got an email from my friend Jane! Snow in Hendersonville...I may never go home! Finally some good news...Hillary Clinton won New Mexico! Look for my posts on the Washington Post Political Comment Section! I post under the name HealthcareforAll. Now who has an exciting life, Jane?

I'm not working this week because of the Chinese New Year so our excitement today was to get a lightbulb to replace one that burned out. We drove all the way to Camping World just outside of Pensacola. I'm so smart. I bought two, so of course Woody broke the first one and then the second one is stuck in the light and won't work!!! I just love these halogen light bulbs. We also looked at a few of the new RVs but still nothing as cool as our Itasca by Winnebago. We have more storage than anything I've seen. Of course, that's just more junk! We may drive over to Pensacola and look at the new Itasca diesel pusher.

Gotta go...have to hit the bed! It's late for us old folks.

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