Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the Road Again!

Sunday is d-day! We're departing Destin and heading north to Hendersonville! I'm not sure I'm ready to head home...Jane and crew keep sending me pictures of snow! We've had a wonderful has been cold a few days, but for the most part it's been sunny and in the 60's almost every day. We have dentist, doctor, hair, and dinner dates all set on our return. What an exciting life we lead!

I'm still writing for Hillary Clinton on every blog and web site comment I can find...I don't think it's doing much good, but I'm persistent! I just can not believe that people don't realize that she's our best option...more experienced, smart, committed and certainly a leader! I think McCain can beat Obama so that's why they want him to be the candidate. When I hear Republicans and Independents voting for Obama in the primaries, I just know they'll swing back to McCain in November. I've never seen such a black out on investigating Obama. What ever happened to transparency? I'm so disappointed in our media!

See you soon!

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