Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Giants!

Go Giants! We're getting ready to watch the Super Bowl! Beginning at 10 this morning we've had ESPN on and plan on watching straight through til game time. I'm making chili and lots of snacks...diets are off today, but we did walk this morning for our mile. There's a super bowl party at the club house at 5P but we've decided people would interfere with the game and the commercials!

The weather is fabulous...high today is 70 and it's sunny. We've had so many overcast days, but it makes for great pictures! Last night we went to Dewey Destin's for dinner...gumbo and fried is good!

I'm getting ready to edit some pictures of Harley's birds. We bought Harley a bird feeder. He'll sit by the door for hours watching the birds. For those of you who know me, you know I'm not a bird fan. They poop everywhere, but Harley was getting bored. He'll sit for hours at home on the screen porch so we leave our door open and "salt" for birds! We have sparrows, chickadees, purple finch and me, someone else identifed them for me. I'll post some later.

More later!

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