Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dunraven Pass and Mount Washburn!

Dunraven Pass to Mount Washburn finally opened today! We've now officially made it around the park. A German tourist took our picture at Dunraven Pass. Woody was fascinated with the snow on Mount Washburn. I was fascinated with the eagle and gopher! I'm selling notecards in Buffalo Trading! These should be good additions. We're having such fun. Tomorrow night we're going to see Indiana Jones at our little single screen theater. I swear the theater is no larger than the media room in Mary's show house in Hendersonville last June!
I've just about finished a scarf for Riley...yes, I'm knitting. I'm such a mountain woman now! Photography, knitting, working retail,! We had Father's Day breakfast at Running Bear Pancake House in West Yellowstone. It's our favorite breakfast place. This was West Yellowstone's Centennial weekend and the place was slammed! A little poker tonight but lost a quick $20 bucks! Life is good!
We miss all the family, but this experience has been absolutely incredible. I can't believe the beauty and grandeur!

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