Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We got a moose!

We finally got a moose! We found this lovely creature on the way home from Bozeman! Just so you know how high these mountains are...check out the CLOUDS! I thought there was a forest fire when it was just the low clouds. It's amazing how low they were and how high we are! West Yellowstone is 6,665 feet and Bozeman, MT is around 4500 feet. The highest point in the park is the Continental Divide at around 10,500 feet.
We headed out to the Walmart in Bozeman and found a MACY'S! And for fine dining...Bennigans. We had seafood which turned out to be superb...or else we were desperate for something besides buffalo and trout and pancakes. We are still loving this place! Every day we see something new.
Tonight we went to Mack's Inn Dinner Theater and saw Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry with our boss, her honey and Dave and Gerri, our co-workers. It was a darling presentation and the cast was charming. There was a bit of envy for the Playmill in West Yellowstone...but this was different and funny. The food, surprisingly, was fabulous! Prime rib, corn, potato and baked beans...I wonder if the prime rib was really buffalo?
I'm off to Overland Park, KS this weekend to do a little HCA consulting gig...I keep telling everyone that I've retired and everyone seems to ignore that fact! We're finishing up the Hawaii gig...hope I get to go out again in October before we're finally finished!
I've taken up knitting again and have finished two scarves...and bought a ton of yarn, so get ready...all of you may be getting scarves! That's all I'm up to trying because I'm knitting at work most of the time...you don't have to worry about a pattern...just knit. Donna, you have nothing to worry about! I don't think I can handle socks! I do need the chemo hat pattern...does anyone remember where it came from?
Gotta go...come see us at Buffalo Trading Company in West Yellowstone!

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