Sunday, June 8, 2008

It was a cold and dreary day in June!'s June 8th, snowing and dreary!...and we had a ball. We went to the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park for lunch. It is the most gorgeous old place, but some rooms don't have bathrooms and there is no TV, Internet....well you get the picture! I think it might be a great place to get away and have a "Dirty Dancing" kind of summer. Woody loves the old yellow bus that the Inn uses to take people around.

Old Faithful was a bit more impressive today because of the significant rain and snow we've had the past few weeks. Apparently Old Faithful shoots higher when it's been wetter. I was more impressed with Castle Geyser which is the one you see here.

My friend the bison was chewing his cud and resting in the cold. All the animals were hunkered down in the snow and rain we were getting intermittantly. The most fun were three elk grazing with a buffalo just walking by! One got a bit skittish, but the rest just ignored him.

We were driving home on a winding, little road by the Madison River when we met our little friend here head on! Mr. Coyote was out for a late afternoon walk and decided the road was better than the forest. We continue to adore the area, the animals and the little town of West Yellowstone.
This coming weekend is the Centennial of West Yellowstone...just wait for the pictures! June 11, 1908 was the first time the Union Pacific train stopped at West Yellowstone.

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