Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another day in paradise!

We had a great week and a better Sunday. We drove south of West Yellowstone into Grand Teton National Park. Just a precursor to a trip to Jackson, WY in August. We did hit rush hour in Yellowstone on the way! Guess who has the right of way! A bit of hiking to the top of Lewis Falls and lots of fabulous looks at the Lewis River leading to the Snake River. The most fun was tracking a young coyote who stalked the elk you see here! He didn't stand a chance at bringing one of these guys down, but we tracked him for a good while and watched him head downwind of the herd until he finally went on down the river! The elk were peacefully grazing until they caught a whiff of the coyote! Up popped the heads!

Here's Woody standing on the Continental Divide at Lake Issa. It is the high point of the continent and one half of Lake Issa drains to the Columbia River to the west and the Pacific, and the other half drains into the Missouri and Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic! Woody was just totally impressed with the fact that he was standing on the high point of the divide!
We've decided that five months away from home is too long, so look for us to take shorter trips. We miss the kids and grandkids (of course they could come see us!), the breakfast buds and our wonderful neighbors. We also miss shopping at WalMart! It's 89 miles to WalMart and gas here is almost $4.50 a gallon! The tourists are down, but it's still busy. We've had 35 states represented in our customers and about 30 countries...we're playing the license plate game without cars! I am loving the store and our boss...we're just having a blast! Some of the pictures here on the blog are selling as photo cards at Buffalo Trading Company. Several are going out of the country so I'm truly an international photographer! Brenda ordered a photo album to sell and one of my shots is the cover! Guess what you'll all get for Christmas!!!
Woody is sleepy and said we had to sign off for now! Have a blessed week!

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