Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with David and Estelle!

No canasta...David hadn't seen Old Faithful so we headed up to the park after Sunday lunch at the Grizzley Claw Restaurant in West Yellowstone, my personal favorite. On the way up we saw elk, including three babies, one wading, and a couple who decided to stop traffic including a Land Rover who just couldn't grasp that the elk had the right of way! The eruption of Old Faithful was the first one I've had with a sunny day! On the way home, the baby eagle was sitting on the side of the Madison River...still learning to fish!

Monday, we drove to Bozeman to see Mamma Mia! http://www.mammamiamovie.com/ I think reviewers are crazy...yes it was a bit overdone, but the movie was fabulous. I loved Meryl Streep and Christine Baranski. The rest of the cast was perfect, the songs fun, and the views were beautiful! There were complaints that the story was weak...haven't the reviewers figured out that we go to be entertained not educated!! If I picked apart every movie, TV show, text and internet story, I'm sure there would be tons of inconsistencies! Hello...it's for fun, and this movie is FUN. Full disclosure...I like the play better because the audience gets more involved, but this may be a movie I actually buy so whenever I get low I can watch it! It just makes me want to go back to Las Vegas and see if Mamma Mia is still playing at the Mirage!

Today we're heading to Ennis to see the work that David and Estelle are doing on their mission trip. It's a new church project. They are such good people!

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