Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yes...I'm Short!

Ok...this is Woody's favorite picture of me showing that I'm barely taller than a fire plug! My argument is that this is a really tall fire plug and even has an antenna so you can find it in the 300 inches of snow that fell last year. Do you realize that 62 inches (well 60 inches if I'm truthful) is my height and FIVE times my height fell in snow?

David and Estelle left us Saturday morning and headed south to Jackson Hole, WY. We found out that the night that we had dinner and a bad storm in Ennis, Montana there were 85 mile an hour straight line winds and even moved some of the walls in the church they were building on their mission trip. When we headed back to West Yellowstone, we realized that the power was out in town and huge limbs were littered everywhere. The shots of the light through the clouds is quite spiritual, especially knowing the storms that created these photo ops! We were having dinner in a log cabin and just didn't realize the strength of the winds!

Things are busy in the store...Brenda kept telling us that it would get busier! Our photo cards are selling well and going all over the world. We've had more foreign countries represented in the store than states...we're at approximately 39 countries and 37 states. I'm excited for this opportunity. I've spent today working on editing some of my photos and digitally manipulating them to look like oil paintings and pencil drawings. This is fascinating and the more I learn, the more I enjoy the computer aspects of photography. Hopefully at some point I'll have more time to work on them...oh wait, I'm retired...why don't I have more time? We're having the best summer!

Tomorrow we're heading to Lewis and Clark Caverns. It's a two mile hike and caves! Our co-workers Geri and Dave recommended it. We'll head to Virginia City on the way home. I love caves which makes no sense since I get just a little claustrophobic at's generally when there are too many people, so I guess it's crowds that bug me. The rod run is next weekend so Woody is happy. After that, we need to schedule our trip to Jackson Hole. We are trying to wait til a few of the tourists are gone. That's the crowd thing!

Have a great week...more to come from West Yellowstone!

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molly pierucci said...

you guys are getting too thin!!!
go home and EAT!