Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Day in Paradise!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and that the ice storm isn't too bad!

As you can see, Woody is in the water...after a bit of wading, you get used to it. We're seeing tons of beach erosion and I'm not sure it's going to get much better. Currently, Destin Harbor is at 6 feet in depth and a few of the larger sailboats can't get out. The city and state are arguing with the Corps of Engineers and who knows who about funds for dredging. The frightening thing is that on Okaloosa Island they are talking about levying the homeowners to rebuild the beaches! How would you like to spend millions on a beachfront home and then have to pay to rebuild the beach. If you don't think climate is an issue, watch how this evolves! Without the dunes and beach, a hurricane with a storm surge will wipe this region out. Our beach in front of the RV park has been hit hard, and the waves and wind were so bad last week it snapped the beach volleyball pole. It was a big pole!

Did any of you watch The Last Templar on NBC Sunday night and Monday night? I loved the book, but this was the worst miniseries or movie I've ever seen...if what I saw was acting, I'm moving to Hollywood cause even I can do better! You know it was bad when Woody suggested we flip to the Bachelor at commercials! Things have been a bit lazy down here...mostly eating out, shopping, eating out, walking, eating out, water aerobics, and oh, eating out! Donna, you'll love this...I taught one of my friends down here how to knit a scarf!! Of course, that's all I know how to knit! I did buy lots of yarn to work on a blanket for Riley, but it will be next year before she gets it at the rate I'm going. Did break down and buy a new Bramin purse, but it's a small one to replace my wallet on a string like purse from Montana! This one is a bit more upscale.

Sunday we cleaned! Woody washed and waxed the whole coach...he said no one would believe it so I guess I should have taken a picture! Our neighbors have all been cleaning so we were shamed into it! I cleaned the carpets and then read magazines and watched him work. There is something romantic about a man working. My goal today was to update a presentation on international clinical trials but I didn't get too far! I'm trying to read the Final Rule in the Federal Register...boring! I think the government needs new writers so that normal people don't go into a coma trying to decipher their findings! My goal is to write two intellectual articles a year! I did submit an essay to AARP on Beans, Egalitarianism and Obama and an op-ed piece to the NY Times. I'm still blogging to the Washington Post and occasionally other sites on healthcare. Wish I could figure out how to make some of these pay!!

We lunched with Robert and Laurie from MN at a Thai buffet in Ft. Walton on Monday after water aerobics and the food was great. I love Pad Thai...the spicier the food the better. We still haven't found a convenient Thai restaurant near Hendersonville so we'll just save that for our winter solstice. Camping on the Gulf is really slow this year. The usual bunch on the hill still made it, but we beach people have lots of space! I guess the economy has been an issue, although you'd never know it by the restaurants and stores around here. Much of this area has military families, lots of pilots, and senior support staff and, of course, snowbirds! We hear the planes and the helicopters a lot along the beach and occasionally they come right over park. There is a bombing range north of Destin on the other side of Choctawhachee Bay and we can hear them too!

Big plans for tonight...heading to our favorite restaurant, Dewey Destin's, a little dumpy place on the bay! http://www.destinseafood.com/ It's been here forever. Supposedly they are opening a more upscale version in HarborWalk, but we like the original too much to change! We go around 4P, early bird special and all; split an appetizer and entree...then have Dippin Dots for dessert! Thursday we're having a Low Country Boil here in the park...$15 for the two of us and someone else does the work! My kind of dinner. Told you we eat alot!

Off we go to eat again...don't look for us to be slim and trim when we come home!

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