Saturday, January 17, 2009

You all know how much I adore my very bright granddaughter! This is from her mommy:

I was taking Riley to school this morning and we were talking about Chris's birthday. She said, "Well Mommy, Daddy wants a fishing party and I think we should have a surprise fishing party." I said, "We aren't having a surprise party because we did that last year. I think we'll just take Daddy to dinner at his favorite restaurant." She said, "Oooohhhh sweet mama. We're going to Taco Bell." I thought you'd find that humorous.

Like all of you, we've had a bit of a cold snap...cold at night but we're still running around in jeans and sweatshirts during the day. In fact, it was cold enough last night that I actually cooked rather than going out! I needed comfort food...we've found the coolest recipe. Beef stroganoff hamburger helper; but instead of ground beef, add a can of roast beef, gravy and all. It makes it much richer in flavor.

I've been remiss at posting pictures. Here are a few for you! The restaurant is Dusty's Oyster Bar in Panama City Beach...fabulous food and we fed the fish! They were a hoot...the minute you walked out on the porch, they swarmed! We'll definitely head back there on one of our meandering trips. The beach shot was a few days ago. They are doing prescribed burns in some of the pine forests so it makes the sunsets interesting.
We're still eating tons! Today was know they are having the all you can eat pancake special! Of course, we're still frequenting the early bird specials...such fun being retired! Stay warm!

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