Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Fabulous Night at the Weber's!

When was the last time you got home after midnight? We had our dinner party group's latest event at Donna and Mike's last night. As always, Donna's house was divine and the new kitchen just tops it off. She's missed her calling....she should be a decorator! The food was great, but the fellowship was better! It was great to catch up with everyone. The only glitch was Dennis was slow to get Jack there! Mike and I'll forgive you this time, Dennis! Mary Martin...and no, not the Peter Pan one...was telling us about her role at Belle Meade Plantation! I think it sounds almost as fun as what I'm doing. Woody and I might have to do a visit to Martha' is great and I love the gift shop. If you haven't been in a's worth a visit. I prefer spring and Christmas!

Just order a book...100 miles around Yellowstone! We're starting to prepare for our four months in Montana next summer! Today starts the diet and the walking. We can handle 4-6 miles flat or about a mile straight up if we plod! We need to improve our stamina as some of the trails are much longer than the ones we did on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Not sure how I'm going to sneak Woody into walking...he's getting smarter!

Have a great weekend...we're going to watch Notre least long enough to either be ecstatic or depressed. We're 0-3! Boo hoo!

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