Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July in West Yellowstone, MT

See the waterfall that runs through the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone National Park...just wanted you to have a little taste of nature before sharing with you our 4th of July!! We had a blast watching the 4th of July Parade down Canyon Street in front of our shop in West Yellowstone, Montana! Here are the pictures that celebrate Americana at it's finest! The double rainbow was just after the parade! We missed the fireworks because we couldn't get all the people out of the store! It was our busiest day.

Last week I did a little consulting gig in Kansas and fell in love with the Bozeman airport! It's fun to fly out of the little airports! Still had a little jet!

Today was a full day in Big Sky, Montana! I've decided I could live in Big Sky! We went to a little artist and crafts fair in Meadow Village. It was a little sad that only about 12-15 artisians were at the Crail Ranch. After our TACA art fairs, we were a little surprised. The Big Sky Resort area is fabulous though. Tons of ski slopes which I think equates to snow and winter! We saw a sign that said that Montana has three seasons...last winter, this winter and next winter! I think I'm now a summer mountain girl! I'd still have to leave for most of the winter.

We're still enjoying our time here...the animals are getting a bit more elusive as the weather warms up...we're heading south toward Jackson Hole and the Tetons tomorrow. We still have plans to go for three or four days but we're waiting til late August when more of the tourists leave! Since we have a post office box, we're not tourists!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Hugs from Woody and Pat

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mgbcpa said...

Looks great guys! I can relate a little it, as I spent last weekend in the Rockies outside of Denver with Jessica. 2 of her shows opened up a week or so ago, and I was able to fly up for the openings. It's about 11 hours from where y'all are, so I don't know if you're gonna get a chance to see her. Oh well...continue to enjoy, and we'll see you when you return from heaven!